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Thursday, July 22, 2010

over 300k

July 10-105,july15-244,july16-240,july17-426,july 18-503,july19-178,july20-343,july21-335
total push ups/chins 301,948
weight 191 bf 19%
The bicep is still a little tender. I took four or five days off to let it recover a bit, and it was feeling better. As long as I don't do too many chins in a day it seems to be manageable. I am back at it though. Right now I am alternating push ups one day and chins the next-just to give one muscle group or the other a day of rest. This seems to be helping a bit to ensure that the bicep/elbow doesn't get so sore that the next day I can't do a workout. Glad to have edged over the 300k point. At this rate I might have a hard time making my goal of 500k by New Years. I think it works out to needing to do about 1300 push ups or chins a day. Nursing a little injury might make that rate a little tough. Who knows -I will keep working at it.

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