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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Occam's Protocol Day 3

Dec 21-3
total push ups/chins 341,475
weight 197.0 bf% 20.9
My weight and bodyfat percentage tends to fluctuate quite a bit on a day to day basis. A few pounds up or down is nothing unusual. So I am not going to get too excited just yet, however if you do the math since my last post- it looks like the abbreviated workouts and the extra protein is working. According to my scale I have gained 2.791 pounds of lean body weight and lost 1.991 pounds of fat. Like I said daily fluctuations are the norm-just drinking a cup of coffee can change the readings quite a bit. Nonetheless if this is the kind of change you could expect in a few days-I won't be complaining.
Getting 200 grams of protein a day is a bit of work. Yesterday I ate 173 grams and the day before was 213 grams. The extra protein makes me full all the time so getting the recommended 20 calories per pound of bodyweight is harder than I would have thought. Yesterday I ate 3912 calories and the day before was only 2759 cals. I have substituted dips and chins for incline press and pulldowns in the workout. I figure when I can do enough reps in the 5 seconds up 5 seconds down protocol I can add weight. Even though I am not doing tons of push ups and chins I figure I will count the dips ( as push ups-I can do way more push ups than I can dips-so I figured it is only fair) towards my one million push ups. I won't be sprinting towards my goal but three more reps is better than nothing. I was surprised I could only get three reps in the 5 sec up 5 sec down strict fashion -clearly I use a lot more momentuum than I thought I was using to do dips. Going from days where I typically workout for an hour (and try to get in 90 minutes to 2 hours) has been a little tough. I have done ten minutes of kettlebells swings. I am probably screwing up the protocol -but what can I say cold turkey is tough and it is only ten minutes. Anyway gotta go eat some protein.

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