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Friday, December 24, 2010

200 grams

total push ups/chins 341,475
weight 197.0 bf%20.8
My lose it app tells me I have been averaging 199.9 grams of protein per day this week. Getting 200 grams a day has been a bit of a challenge as I am still not eating meat. I am eating seafood-so the odd can of tuna has helped. I have been eating boiled eggs like they are tic tacs, and eating a protein bar or shake about every two to three hours. There was a minor change in the bf measurement in the scale. If the reading is right, I have gained about a quarter of a pound of lean bodyweight since the last post. Not bad, the changes although small-are measureable. Doing Occam's workout A today. Will try not to go too out of control -over the next two days. I am not sure that I am going to worry about how many excess calories I eat today and tomorrow-will just focus on getting 200 grams of protein.

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