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Monday, January 24, 2011


total push ups/chins 341,665
weight 200.4 bf% 23.9

I am not thrilled with what the scale is telling me today -almost 24 percent body. I am going to assume that this is just one of those-wild random fluctuations,probably drank too much water or not enough or something. Anyway I know to watch the trend not the day to day weight.
I was still a little sore from the push ups and I probably just should have rested a day more, but I was curious to see how I would do on a Body by Science Workout. I am treating today's workout sort of as a baseline measure. I don't have MedEx or nautilus machines in my basement so I used what equipment I have to do the modified weight workout. Here is the workout: Deadlift, Weighted Dips,Weighted chins, Dumbbell press, and Leg Extensions. All the exercises were performed in a 5 seconds lifting, 5 seconds lowering format. Unlike Occam's Protocol where you rest 3 minutes between exercises, I immediately moved from one exercise to the next. This did seem to lower my reps on the dips and chins a few. I wasn't sprinting from one exercise to the next I just didn't waste anytime. I did set up the barbells, leg extension and so on before the workout, so that I could move fairly rapidly. The whole workout took me 6 minutes and 47seconds. Here's the baseline part-total tonnage lifted was 7065 pounds. The tonnage represents the sum of (weight lifted per exercise times the number of repetitions). I won't do this workout again until next Saturday (that is going to be my "Lift Heavy things" day). Not quite a week -but following this week it will be a weeks rest after every weights workout. I am going to assume if I can't get 4 -10 second reps with a particular weight- the weight must be too heavy. If I can get 15 -10 second reps, I will increase the reps, Here's to another one month experiment.

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