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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Change of Plans

Total Push up/Chins 341,658
weight 197.8 bf 21.70

Ok change of plans. I did 133 push ups a couple of days ago. Result I am still sore as hell and my lean mass dropped about 5 pounds in a couple of days. Fluctuations in mass have been the norm thru this experiment however Occam's Protocol was working for me. I am thinking that maybe I should keep working with something that has been producing some results and just "tweek' the protocol a bit and see what happens. It doesn't make sense to be this sore just to see regression in results. Tim Ferris talks about Doug McGuff;s book Body by Science. It is a simlar protocol to Occam's Protocol only slightly longer workout (5 exercises opposed to 2-3) less frequently (once a week resistance workouts instead of workouts spaced out by 2-3 rest days). I am going to try the Body by Science routine with a slight "tweek'. I have been reading up on the Primal Blueprint and Mark's Daily Apple (website and blog), This protocol suggests lifting once or twice a week ( this day I will do the Body by Science work out) , Sprinting once every 7 to 10 days and very low intensity cardio on the other days. I am going to try a combination f these two protocols. I will try to keep most of the low cardio days in the 55% maximal heart rate range to reduce the likelihood that these workouts have a huge impact on my recovery ability.

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