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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One out of Ten Primal Laws accomplished-how lame

total push ups/chins 341,665
weight 198.0 bf%21.6

Well my bodyfat percent continues to move in the right direction,but I the scale is telling me I have lost some mass since I finished Occam's Protocol less than a week ago. December 20th my lean mass was 153.04 pounds, todays reading suggests I have gained a little over two pounds of lean mass since this date. I have to admit; of the 10 Primal Blueprint Laws in Mark Sisson's book-I have been following only one law this week. Lift Heavy Things, I did the Body by Science workout on the weekend, but low intensity cardio or sprinting once a week haven't happened. I haven't finished the book yet (it is pretty good so far) but I have been jumping around skimming here and there. The  book suggests that body composition is 80 percent diet. Mark also suggests eating less than 100 grams a day of carbohydrates. I have learned since Christmas how much difference getting 200 grams of protein a day can make on the bodyfat readings on the old tanita scale. The LOSE IT app on my IPod tells me that I have averaged 181.1 grams of carbohydrates a day this week and 124.1 grams of protein, Clearly this appears to be the problem. Okay so as of tomorrow ( I have already eaten 227 grams of carbs today)  I will watch the protein and carb intake a little more closely and I will do a little more slow walking on the treadmill or something.

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