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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Strength gains

Jan 19-8
total push ups/chins 341,525
weight 197.6 bf%19.6

I am almost at the end of my one month experiment  with Occam's protocol. My strength gains have been pretty good so far. I am (as the book describes ) doing 10 second repetitions (5 seconds lifting 5 seconds lowering). When I started I could only do three parallel bar dips with 196 pounds ( my bodyweight) and this morning I did 8 reps with 209 pounds ( my body weight plus a ten pound plate attached to my waist). I was doing pistols or one legged squats for 6 reps per side-today I managed 14 reps per side. My chins ups where at 196 pounds for 4 reps when I started and 200 pounds for 8 reps last week. For my overhead press I was using 65 pounds for ten reps compared to 85 pounds for 9 reps last week. Not bad progress for 10 to twenty minutes working out a week.

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