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Friday, January 21, 2011

Occam's Protocol One Month Results

total push ups /chins 341,525
weight 201bf% 20.6

I have finished a months worth of Occam's Protocol. Today my lean body mass is 159..59 which is 6.55 pounds higher than on December 20th when I started. During the trial my lean body mass reached a point where I maxed out at 161.92 pounds of lean which is 8.88 pounds heavier than when I started the protocol. Overall I would say the protocol was a success. In a month I gained somewhere between 6.5 and 9 pounds of muscle. Today I am have 1.75 pounds less fat than I had on December 20th, not startling results, but not bad. Since I am experimenting on myself -I am curious to find out if the gains in mass are strictly related to the protocol, or does the fact that I have been consuming more protein than I usually consume have the greatest bearing on this gain.

 Next experiment: keep eating 200 grams of protein a day but change the exercise frequency and intensity. I am going to return to a trial where I do a few hundred push ups or chins a day and track my total exercise time. For Occams protocol I was averaging 25 minutes or less a week of push ups/chins/weight training. Let's see what happens if I ramp up the volume of push ups again.


Severine said...

Great details in your blog! My husband and I are on week2 of four hour body plan (diet+occam). So far, so good.

LarryMat said...

good luck-hope you get good results. Ironically eating enough protein consistantly has been my biggest challenge said...

Someone said that muscle gain starts in the kitchen. You results demonstrate that al that extra protein does make a difference.

I am following in your shoes and starting Occams Protocol soon.

LarryMat said...

Occam's Protocol is worth a try. Keep the protein grams high.