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Saturday, February 19, 2011

300 -500 Push Ups a Day

feb 18-7,feb 19-511

total push ups/chins 342,775

I am re-reading Ted Skup's Death, Taxes and Push Ups. You've gotta be just a little bit impressed the guy does a 1000 push ups a day, everyday. Feeling a little inspired I have decided to amp up my daily push ups a bit. As I mentioned on my other blog:

My results on Occam's Protocol have not been spectacular. I mean gaining about 8 pounds of lean mass in a month is a good thing, but not spectacular like the 34 pounds described in the book. I have been reviewing my posts on this blog and really as far as body composition goes -I was my "leanest" around February of last year. Around this time I was doing about 300 -500 push ups and or chins a day. I am sure proponents of an Occam's Protocol type workout would suggest that this is gross overtraining, and that might be true. Nonetheless my bodyfat at this time was hovering between 17 and 18 percent instead of 20 to 24 percent as it has been during Occam's Protocol trials. I am going to try to increase the volume of push ups and chins, but keep the protein grams high as I have been recently.In keeping with this as I type I am chugging down 60 grams of protein in a whey shake. The quote below I found on this website:

Herschel Walker: I didn’t grow up with a lot of money. My high school didn’t have a lot of money to afford a lot of the expensive weights. You know all this stuff. They used that as an excuse. I started doing push-ups and sit-ups during commercials as I was watching TV. And started doing about, sometimes 2,000 push-ups, 3,000 sit-ups, 1500 pull-ups, 1000 dips, or different things like that. I started creating different hand positions for all that, and I learned that could work you out.

It is entirely possible that Herschel Walker is a genetic rarity ,however it does go to show you that if you don't have a gym membership or expensive equipment- well it just ain't a good excuse to be fat or out of shape.

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