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Saturday, March 19, 2011


total push ups /chins 348,094

Today was chin up day, so doing lots of sets of one arm towel chins is a little tough still. However it isgetting  easier doing multiple sets of one arm assisted push ups or negative one arm push ups. I was able to log a little bigger number on the 17th.

I like Men's Health Magazine. I have a subscription and everything. Rodale is the company that owns or publishes Men's Health and man are they ever a marketing machine. Mental note to self "buy Rodale stock". Anyway Rodale and MSN have created this new site :Fitbie. Like everything they else they do-it is a huge marketing platform. I dare you to try to count all the things on the site that you can buy. It is however a pretty good site with some interesting articles and videos. Worth checking out:

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