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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Undulating Loads

Mar 23-45,Mar24-163,mar25-176,mar26-278,mar27-492,mar28-102

total push ups/chins 349,647

I am experimenting with undulating daily loads. As you can see above my daily number of push ups/chins for the 23rd was pretty low. Through the week the daily total progresses upward and then I go back to a low daily number and work my way back up. I am doing this to avoid burning myself out and as a result missing days altogether. When I set a goal of doing a high number of push ups or chins everyday inevitably I follow thru for a couple of days. Then I get to a point where I dread getting down on the floor or standing in front of the chin up bar to do a 1000 reps. I figure this approach will make me less prone to injury as well. My right elbow is still a little tender every once in a while.

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