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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Working My Way Back up to 1000

Feb27-350,feb28-343,Mar1 -176,mar 2-436
total push ups/chins 346,234

My elbows are holding up just fine despite the higher volume of push ups and chin ups. Workouts are going okay but my diet could stand a little improvement ( but that is a topic for my other blog). I finished re-reading the book Death, Taxes and Push Ups and I am motivated to get my daily number of push ups/chins back up to the 1000 a day range. I have been trying to slowly move from about 300 a day to 1000, but I am taking my time. Each time I get the numbers too high too fast I seem to get little aches and pains in my shoulder or elbow joints. Taking it easy seems to be a little easier on the joints

If you don't think push ups can build muscles or give you a workout check out this video:

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