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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


total push ups/chins 356,943
If you have been reading my other blog-you will know that the Navy Seals are working fairly well for me(the workouts that is).
Stew Smith's 12 weeks to BUDs program from  his book (link to his website is also on my other blog) is pretty intense and it is not like I feel like I need a more intense program. Nonetheless I found this website this morning:
Definately worth checking out. It is kind of like Crossfit workouts on steroids-again like crossfit workouts need to be on steroids-really.

The program uses a WOD (workout of the day) format like crossfit. However Monday, Wednesday and Friday there is an AM and a PM WOD (as if one is not enough). Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday-just one WOD. Maybe once I finish the 12 week program I will give it a shot-who knows, Anyway the WOD's are listed on the blog portion of the website.

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