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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Just Mention Occam's Protocol

June 25-36
total push ups/chins 360,745
Did workout one of week three on the StrongLifts Spreadsheet. This isn't workout B so I am not supposed to do the extra sets of chin ups. I just wasn't feeling spent enough so I threw in three sets of chins. I am sure it is not going to make my progress hault to a stop or anything. Anyway I am feeling a little rusty on the chin ups-so it felt good to bang out a few. I mentioned on my last post that since I started this blog I have had the most hits/visits when I was doing Occam's Protocol. Sure enough just mentioning Occam's protocol in my last posting made my number of hits for that day jump up a bit. Clearly this workout must be a popular search term

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