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Friday, July 15, 2011

Back to volume

July8-85,july11-84, july 14-285

total push ups/chins 361,536

Back on the push ups/chin ups bandwagon. You can check my other blog to see how the Strong Lifts program is/was going. Essentially I was just getting fatter and fatter on the program -so I am back to trying to create a daily calorie deficit by doing lots of push ups. I will still be blogging about how my escapades affect my body composition on my other blog-however it feels like time to start working hard on my goal to do a million push ups and/or chins ups. It feels good to post some better numbers again. After a number of weeks of not doing a lot of push ups or chins it seemed like a good idea to ease back into the bigger numbers Last night was the first night trying to get a little higher volume. I did 28 sets of 10 reps of push ups and then a set of 5 to round out the time on the stop watch. I rested 30 seconds between each set. Nothing too strenous -just enough to let my body know the low volume stuff was over. Here the link to my other blog:

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