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Monday, October 10, 2011

Gorilla Workouts

Oct 8-73, oct 9-102
total push ups/chins 370,461

If you are checking out my other blog:  you will have read that I am trying out the You are you own Gym and Gorilla Workouts apps on my ipad. I figure all chin ups and push ups is great to a point, but throwing in some other exercises is probably not a bad thing. These apps focus on body weight exercise routines-mostly in circuits- so this will get the heart rate up as well. Also not such a bad thing. I am starting at the basic level on each of the apps- just substituting full push ups or chins where the routine calls for a pull or push exercise that is not as demanding as the regular exercise. So for example the first routine on the Gorilla Workouts "basic" routine calls for push ups from the knees- so I just substituted regular push ups for these. I am not sure doing these workouts will drive up my push ups/pull ups numbers as I will be doing other exercises in between, but I figure the variety will keep me interested. I will be less likely to miss workouts due to boredom. Although I am not sure that boredom is the reason I miss workouts, laziness or lack of time maybe. Anyway should be fun.

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