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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Trial

Dec  14-210

total push ups/chins 376,813

If you are reading my other blog you will know that I am going to try two weeks off Occam's protocol and then go back to the protocol to do a little experiment.  I am not making huge progress on the protocol but I seem to at least be making some gains. I am curious as to whether these gains are mostly due to the higher level/amount of protein I am eating. I am curious the protocol focuses on doing the least exercise you can to produce results. Logically this whole theory makes sense to me. However I wonder if it is attractive as a theory just because anything where you put in little effort and get big results-well who wouldn't think that was attractive. After all if we all could have a job where you didn't have to work too hard but you made a lot of money, well doesn't that sound like a good deal. College or professional athletes spend ours a day working out or training. If you really want something aren't we all taught that you really have to work for it? Anyway going to do a trial of high volume high protein-lets -let the scale be the judge of what works best.

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