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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bringing the Total up to Date

April 14- May 6- 1408

total push ups/chins 404,037

It has been a while since I have posted on this blog. My push ups and chins have been a little sporadic. Since the Mexico trip it has been a few days of push ups/chins and then a few days without. I figured it was time to bring the total up to date. This week we had three fundraising events in one week. Don't even ask about the logic of doing three events in one week- just leave it at the fact that we raised a lot of money in one week for the charity and now we could use a bit of rest. Resultingly this weeks push up/chins total was a little week but next week will be better. You can click on the Twenty Pounds of Difference link on the right to find out about my current workouts:

I figured you wouldn't need a daily push ups count to trust we so I just gave you a total for the last few weeks. Numbers get better next week.

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