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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Mar 26-108,Mar 29-100,Mar 31-300,April1-300,Apr3-300,April 5-200,April6-100,April 9-184,April 11-396

total push ups/ chins 402,629

Well we returned this week from 10 days in Mexico, great vacation. I did actually manage to work out 6 of the 10 days we were away. Not bad. Most days we walked on the beach for about an hour or so, and tried to hit the gym before dinner. Some days were a little too busy doing fun stuff but the days I was able to hit the gym I tried to do a few hundred push ups or chin ups. It was an all inclusive resort so mainly we were trying to slow down a rapidly expanding waste line. All you can eat food and drinks is not really good for anyones health. Anyway cool trip, lots of memorable events but one of the best was climbing to the top of the pyramid at Coba.

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