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Saturday, June 16, 2012


may26-35, may 27-47,may 30-30,june 11-16,june 12-42,june 14-113

total push ups/chins 405,309

I had a little vacation from push ups and chns, but I am back to work now. My wife bought me Insanity for fathers day. I happened to find it in the car, so I ended up getting to start a week earlier. The program does include some variations of push ups so I am counting these towards my total. The total push ups in a workout is a little lower volume than I might usually do - but I am definately not feeling like I have a lot of fuel left in the tank afterwards. The program doesn't use chin ups- so when I get used to the workouts I might do a few sets of chins to round out the workout. Right now I am not feeling like I need a lot of extra work. I have more detail about these workouts on my other blog. Check it out:

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