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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Under 2000 for the month

Nov7-nov29  -1879

total push ups/chins 432.320
It has been almost a month so I thought I should do an update. November wasn't such a good month for push ups and chins. I only logged push ups or chins on 9 days. I didnt do a breakdown above but instead a total which was under 2000 reps for the month. My wife and I are doing and Insanity P90X hybid. Trying to keep my pre-Mexico progress going. P90X and Insanity both have push ups and P90x has chins as well. So I wll be logging some chins and push ups this month but the numbers will probably be a little lower. If you want to see how the hybrid progress is going- check out my other blog.

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