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Monday, October 5, 2015

A couple of my favourite online fitness tools

Sept/29-703, Sept/30-325, Oct/4-68

Total Push ups/Chins 439,252

In my last blog post I made reference to using the myfitnesspal app and the Fitbit Surge to help me monitor my fitness progress. This is a screen shot from the myfitnesspal app.
I took this screen shot early this morning so I hadn't yet added all my food for the day and as you will notice the app is registering zero calories for exercise. As I mentioned in my last post the calories in versus calories out theory of weight loss is probably fairly over simplified, however at some level if you want to lose weight you do have to burn more calories than you eat. We have worked with trainers and nutritionists who have helped us with our diet and workout routine - and the other nic thing about this app is it does help you track your macros fairly accurately. If I am being very focused  on my diet I Amy be cycling carbs and watching every closely at how many calories are coming from each protein, fats and carbs. If I am mainly focusing on losing weight I pay a lot more attention to creating a calorie deficit and maybe some attention to getting enough protein. 

I also mentioned that I like the Fitbit Surge as a fitness tool. There are a number of reasons for this but probably I should do a future blogpost about the FitBit Surge. However for this post I will say that one of the things I really like about the Fitbit is it will automatically sync with myfitnesspal. So the zero calories you see in the exercise section above will soon be replaced by an accurate estimate of the calories burned after the apps sync with each other. If you enter the number of minutes of each activity you perform in myfitnesspal it will give an estimate of the calories burned ,however the Fitbit gives an estimate based on your actual heart rate which is more accurate. Below is a screen shot of one of the Fitbit apps reports and this is a benefit to the Surge -there are a number of usual measures and fitness/health data points that the app will report on and graph. Overall these two make a great duo when it comes to technology to support your fitness program and goals. 

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