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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Calorie Burn

Sept/25-49, Sept/26-75,Sept/27-545

Total push ups /chins 438,156

Nice thing about doing lots of chin ups and push ups is they burn some calories. If you are looking to lose some weight this can be a way to do it. Below is a graph of my weigh over the last week. The graph comes from the app Myfitnesspal. You enter all the food you eat in a day into the app and it calculates all your calories and your macros ( I'll talk more about macros in a future blogpost).  Nutritionists would say I am oversimplifying but essentially more calories burned than calories eaten and you loss weight. The app will tell you how much you have eaten but also if you put in the number of calories for each activity it will also calculate how many calories above your BMR or basal metabolic rate ( the calories you burn each day just living ). Most days I do sets of chin up and then a set of push ups and rest for 30 seconds before doing the next super set. If I workout for about a half hour at this rate I usually burn about 9 to 10 calories per minute.  If I am really interested in burning more calories I will do a set of 50 to 100 reps on the skipping rope before taking the 30 second rest. This keeps the heart rate up, and in general the longer you keep you heart rate up and the higher you get it the more calories you will burn. In a future blogpost I will talk about how I get a more accurate calorie burn estimate than the myfitnesspal alone will calculate.

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