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Monday, October 19, 2015

Fit Bit Surge

Oct/13-448, Oct 14-492, Oct 15-937, Oct 17th-528, Oct 18th 508

total push ups/chins 442,856

          In a way part of my interest in doing a million push ups and chins is related to an interest in keeping in shape- or fighting against the bodies ( or my bodies) tendency to age. In and earlier post I talked about some of the on-line tools I use to help with my fitness efforts. I think I included the fit bit app- but really the fit bit surge is the complementary wearable tool that collects the data. Before the Surge was available in Canada I had done a good deal of research about it. One of the most attractive features of the Surge is that it calculates heart rate without one of those cumbersome straps around your chest. Most people are not going to wear these straps all day long -so the Surge has an advantage that it can calculate your heart rate and calories burned all day long- not just when you are exercising. If you want to see how the device does this go check on the specs on the company website: .
        I like the fact that the device accurately calculates how many calories you burn each day while exercising and while at rest. I mentioned before that I use the myfitnesspal app to calculate calories in versus out. The nice thing about the fitbit app is that it will allow you to calculate your calories eaten versus calories burned. It will also allow you to automatically sync with an app like myfitnesspal, so when it syncs it automatically populates calorie burned data into your myfitnesspal. The watch and app have a number of cool features such as daily or weekly tracking of steps, kilometers travel weight change, average sleep duration and more. If you want to learn a little more about the watch and the app, check the link about. If you are looking for one more reason to consider the app consider my experience with the company described in the video below.

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