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Friday, February 5, 2016

Jan/10-60, Jan/11-75, Jan/ 12-125, Jan 16-100, Jan/17-60, Jan 18-75, Jan 19-75, Jan 20-100, Jan/22-60, Jan 24-75, Jan/26- 100, Jan/ 27-300, Jan/ 28- 65, Jan 31-75, Feb10- 675, Feb/2- 491, Feb/ 3-637,Feb /4 - 325.

total push ups/chins 458,947

          Well I haven't posted in a little while, so it was time for  bit of catch up with the push up and chin up numbers. January wasn't a month for big numbers. As I mentioned early my wife and I have been going to the field house most nights for a run. Each lap we are doing 10 push ups, then some sets of burpees maybe some crunches, sets of ball slams whatever. Anyway this has made for some great workouts but there is no chin up bar at the field house and we usually do some other exercises besides push ups. Most nights I have been doing only 3 or 4 sets of push ups. I did decide that I should push the numbers up a little bit on a daily basis. 
          I have mentioned on this blog before that I seem to get a transformational effect on my body when I do at least 300 push ups and or chins a day. It doesn't seem to matter so much how the mix of push ups to chins is as long as I am hitting that magic number each day. So some days it is 60 chins, or 100 and the rest of the reps being push ups. Often these sets are not necessarily big rep sets either. Most days I will do sets of 10 push ups super-setted with sets of 3 reps of chins or pull ups. I will rest 30 seconds to a minute between sets. If I am in a rush and I want to get my reps in for the day I might do some 30 rep or 20 rep sets of push ups. Since the beginning of February I have been trying to get 300 to 500 reps a day. This will be my goal for the whole month -to get these reps in every day. I am going to keep going to the field house each  day in the evenings and I might get another 60- to 100 reps of push ups in on these intervals. But each morning I am getting up and trying to get at least 300 in first thing. That way if I get ambitious anything else I do in terms of push ups or chins will be a bonus.

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