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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Dec 9-325, Dec 11,-160,Dec 12-260, Dec 14-275, Dec 15,300,Jan 3-100, Jan 4-95, Jan 5-350,Jan 6-81, Jan 8 -260

total push ups/chins 455,474

Well I though I was overdue for an update. Over due for two reasons. The first reason was I was slacking off a little bit before the Christmas season. Second reason I am back on the wagon and have a few more reasons to push ups the push up/chin up numbers.There is a field House a little ways down the highway from us. Cathy and I have taken to going there most days to run some laps. The track is 250 meters or for my American friends that is pretty close to 250 yards. Cathy and I have been doing laps followed by a set of ten push ups. We might do this for four rounds and then do sets of burpees. This almost daily activity has got me back into doing push ups at least, and of course if we are doing burpees with a push up, which we usually do-I count those as well. The second reason that I really need to up my chin ups and push ups is I may do an Obstacle course race in August. One of the OCR promoters has chosen our charity as one of the charities you can raise pledge funds for while you do their event. I figure running the event will be a way to raise a little extra money for our charity and to create some awareness. The event here in the city has 20 obstacles. I did Tough Mudder the September before last and I know that in addition to lots of running -doing lots of push ups and chins really were important to get me ready. This event is a sprint event (5Km) but it has as many obstacles as a longer race- so the push ups and chins might be even more important in the preparation as the running. 

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