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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

wedding day

push ups/chins May2-460,May3-306,May4-190,May7-325 total 18958
squats-May2-460,May3-140,May7-350, total 1350

I missed a couple of days of push ups on the weekend-but I had a really good reason.
My oldest daughter got married on the weekend. She looked so beautiful- I could not have been more proud. The ceremony and reception were fantastic. Our little girl will always be "our little girl" but we are so proud of what an accomplished woman she has become in so many ways. Stephanie's new husband is Travis. Travis never seemed like on of the boyfriends-he always seemed like part of the family. We were also proud to welcome him to the family. It was great to see our little girl laugh and cry and have what appeared to be the best day of her life. Many more are to come.

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