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Thursday, May 10, 2007

McHappy Day

Push ups/chins May8-250,May9-110 total 19318
squats May8-450,May9-0 total 1800

Yesterday was McHappy day. On McHappy Day $1 from each Happy Meal, Big Mac and Breakfast sandwich is donated to children's charities. The Houses get a good portion of these donations, along with other charities throughout Canada.This year the owner/operators are directing a larger proportion of these revenues towards the two houses in Alberta as Calgary has just doubled in size and Edmonton is just beginning a large capital campaign to build a very large addition. I had the opportunity to drive around in the limo/bus to a number of the McDonalds locations. The bus was filled with McDonalds staff, families who had used the house and celebritities. Local media were in attendence at the locations,serving up breakfast,and lunch. One of the things that is great about working with the Houses is that you get to meet the most interesting people. Cindy Klaussen was on the limo bus with us all day. Cindy won 6 Olympic medals in the Turin games. Cindy is very well spoken, engaging and well mannered. It always takes me by surprise to meet someone as accomplished as an Olympic athlete like Cindy (I have a really cool job -I get to meet a couple of Olympic athletes and people highly accomplished in other areas of life)-I am not sure if I won an Olympic medal -if I could contain my pride as well as she does. God I would be wearing the damn things with me everywhere. I would probably look like Mr T wearing six olympic medals aroung my neck -everywhere I went. Hey are those things waterproof-I'd probably wear them in the shower

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