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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Maybe Christmas?

june 26-283,june28-129,june29-210,june 30-131,july1-125,july2-285,july3-133 total 26761

My birthday is August 1st,doing 700 chin ups in an hour by August might be a bit of a stretch. Might have to change the target to Christmas instead. None the less I am seeing a bit of progress. On June 17th I did 112 chins in a half an hour.I tested myself for a half hour on July 1st and again on July 3. I did 125 chins and 137 chins respectively. Progress is coming but not as quickly as one would hope. On July 2 I tested how many push ups I could do in a half hour-maxed out at 264. The world record for a half hour is over 2700 -so I won't be setting any records for push ups either-but lets see where I can get to by August.

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