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Saturday, November 17, 2007

100 or two each day

nov10-295,nov11-334,nov12-198.nov13-228,nov14-296,nov15-136 total 53859

Not a bad week of push ups. With the exception of last night I was able to do a hundred or two each day. Probably the most consistant I have been for a while.

Both Alberta Ronald McDonald houses have started collecting pull tabs from the tops of soda cans as a fundraiser. You get something like 50-70 a pound for the tabs at the recyclers-so it takes a ton of them to raise money. However some of the houses in the states make 60-70k a year on thier pull tab recycling programs. We took our first load to the recycler a week or two ago thought it must be 200 lbs worth but it turned out to be 545lbs worth. It is actually kind of cool as a number of schools are starteing to collect them for the houses. People mail in envelopes with 6 or 7 in it and other people drop off big zip lock bags of the things

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