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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fruit only

nov17-289,nov18-344,nov19-260,nov20-277,nov21-212 total 55241

phil: 414,830- larry-55,241

Was searching the internet and came across some sites for people who have taken the raw food idea a step further-they only eat fruit. I think they are called fruitarians-I was kind of wondering how you would get enough protein to survive on this type of diet-but interestingly enough one of the fruitarian- "the frutarian one" has his own fitness website. The fruitarian one does hundreds of push ups and chins each day. The guy is pretty ripped and doesn't look like he survives on only fruit. Definately looks like he can do lots of push ups. I guess it just goes to show how adaptable the human body is or can be.

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