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Sunday, December 2, 2007


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It is getting to be that season again. One of the industrial hazards of working at a Ronald McDonald House is the baking that is always present in the house-comfort foods. In both houses we have some individuals and some groups who will come in once a month or once a week and bake up a storm. Around Christmas our bakers really ramp up and there is always lots to eat. Don't get me wrong -we love our bakers -and it is no accident that we want the aroma of cookies and bread wafting through the kitchen. One more way RMH feels like home. However for the staff-particularly new staff it is not uncommon to put on a bit of weight when you first start the job. Everybody puts on a bit of weight at Christmas-but at RMH the temptations are plentiful. My weight has already started to drift up a bit-time to start fighting it back down. I am determined this year to win the battle against the Christmas cookies. My weight is back up to 207-I am going to use fitday and push ups to make sure it doesn't get any higher. Simple plan-I'm just not going to bed each night until I have burned more calories than I have eaten. Yesterday was a pretty good day burned 1500 more calories than I ate. I'll keep you posted.

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