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Sunday, December 9, 2007

everyday is a good day

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I live in a small town outside of Calgary-probably about 10,000 people live here. In town there is a business I frequent. Mostly I frequent this business because it is owned by a local family. The owner is always friendly and welcoming-feels like you are doing business with a friend instead of a corporation. This individual seems to provide a lot of support to the community-local teams and charities benefit from his business. I was talking with a friend about how friendly and community minded the business owner was. The friend told me the guy used to be the meanest cheapest SOB in town. I had never seen and couldn't imagine this fellow this way,but she told me that he had had a heart attack and a close call with death. I don't know how much of the story is accurate -kind of a local grinch story. I was in the guys store the other day and I casually mentioned that the weather seemed to be turning-"it's going to be a good day". His eyes caught mine and he said -"everyday is a good day". Given what his life change I knew he wasn't kidding, but I have spent days thinking about what he said and what it really meant. Everyday is a good day. Probably if we all thought about this all the time we would live much more purposeful lives and we would enjoy them way more. Best of the season to everyone reading this blog-and a special Merry Christmas to anyone supporting the Ronald McDonald House in their area.

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