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Monday, January 21, 2008

broke 65,000

Jan17-80,jan18-190,jan19-570,jan20-327,jan21-60 total 65,060

calories left to burn 63833 weight 206.5, bf 22%

Well the last time I Weighed myself I was a little discouraged -up a couple of pounds. However I did the calculations to see what my bodyfat was in pounds at 22%. Not that 22 percent is great by any standard. However my bodyfat is 45.43 lbs as opposed to 47.03lbs last weigh in. My lean bodymass is 161.07lbs compared to 157.47. Couple pounds of lean bodymass gained and a pound or two of fat lost-this calorie counting might be working after all. The push ups and chin up numbers are up and down a bit-however I had a pretty good weekend. Still doing some weight with Cathy also-that is burning a few extra calories.

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