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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

down one percent

jan15-230,jan16-440, total 63,833

weight 204.5, bf 23%
calories left to burn 69324

According to fitday I am still burning more calories than I am eating. I went up a pound and down a percentage of bodyfat-theoretically that means I am burning fat and building lean tissue. All in all I am kind of moving in the right direction, although psychologically it always feels better to see a smaller number on the scale. Overall I don't think I am eating enough protein -each day I seem to be averaging between 50 to 80 grams of protein as a result of eating fewer calories. Although eating less -but eating crap isn't helping either. I am trying to eat less which means usually I don't eat all day. Then I am hungry as hell and eat like a bear when I do eat something. Not a strategy I'd recommend. Have to work a little harder at eating smaller portions throughout the day and eat more protein. Nonetheless still eating less than I burn and the bf and weight numbers are in general moving the right direction. Not dramatic results but still getting some results.

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