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Sunday, January 13, 2008

down 5

jan9-170,jan10-310,jan12-71 total 62,713

calories left to burn 74304
weight 203.5 bf-24 percent

Well I am down in weight again however my bodyfat percentage keeps jumping up. This probably means I am losing lean bodymass. This in itself is not a good thing. I am losing pounds so I am not going to change too much at this point, as I know the tanita scale is only so accurate. I can weight myself 3 times in the same day and get three different bf percent readings. Right now I am just going to bask in the fact that I lost 5 pounds in about a week. This week (according to I ate fewer calories than I burned each day with the exception of one day were Cathy brought home T-Bone steaks. Passing up a good steak and baked potatoe dinner seemed short sighted somehow. Usually Friday is "fastfood" Friday around our house. This weekend we really haven't had any fast food-so the kids are not so happy with my new get abs plan. They are not so hard done by-we did go to a movie yesterday- I just didn't have any of the nachos and popcorn. Well so far so good. I'll keep you posted.

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