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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Jan13-220,Jan14-230 total 63,163

calories left to burn 72725

Haven't weighed myself in a day or two so I am not sure where I'm at. My weight loss on the scale seems to be exceeding what the calorie deficit suggests I should have lost-however I may just be overestimating my portion sizes when I enter them in fit day. With the exception of one day since we have been back from Vegas I have been able to consistantly burn more calories than I eat-so far so good.

On another note Rhett Warrener and the Calgary Flames held a bowlerama for the house last week. It was a great event. Families from the house got to bowl with the Flames. It was a fund raiser and the final numbers are not in but it looks like it made some decent money for the house. There are some pictures on our website to the right. (Ronald McDonald House Southern Alberta)

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