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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Down 5 ?

Bodyweight 202.5 %bf 23

Here is an example of how sensitive the tanita scale is. Weighed myself last night -208-this morning 202.5. Clearly I will be weighing myself in the morning from now on way better numbers. This is down about 5 and a half pounds since the vegas trip and bit closer to my goal of 185. According to the scale it looks like I lost most of that overnight while I slept. Probably not the case. However if I discover that this trend will really work I will stop doing push ups and chins and just start having naps. The goal of 185 with about 10% bf means about 166 pounds of lean muscle-so I really do not plan to gain any substancial amount of muscle-just mostly burn fat. The trend for me seems to be if the pounds are down the percent of bf bumps up for a day or so. Hopefully this will level out over time.

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