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Saturday, February 2, 2008

1000 push ups in 35 days

Jan 29-107,jan30-170,Jan 31-167, Feb 1-100 total 67,278

weight 201.5 bf 21%
calories left to burn 55966

The weight loss is starting to be noticeable. I can definately notice but Cathy asked me if I was losing weight last this week and one other person at work asked as well. Only 7 or 8 pounds down since Christmas but if it is noticeable that is the point. The 1000 push ups in a day bug has bitten me. I suppose I am taking a page out of JackBravo's book-or site as the case may be. I found some workout -I think it is Dave Duprey's workout ( printed it off -have to go back and look where the site is) that is supposed to get you ready to do 1000 push ups in less than an hour. It is a 35 day program. The daily numbers start pretty low at first, but escalate rapidly. If I stick to it I will be posting some bigger numbers. I am doing the Armstong -double your chin ups routine as well. Probably doing both is a little over kill but what the heck.Still doing weights (and sneaking in some extra push ups and chin ups) with Cathy-she is getting pretty buff.

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Jack Bravo said...

Hey, awesome.

Oh, btw, i sold the site. i gave up o n the push ups. Reading your article though makes me itchy again. would you mind sharing the link to that 35 days program?