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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Up 2.5?

feb2-305,feb3-215,feb4-264 total 68,062
weight 203.5, bf%22
calories left to burn 52939

Well maybe this is a case of the body doing what the body wants to do. Since the holidays I have burned enough extra calories to lose eight pounds. According to the scale yesterday I had lost exactly that amount-like clockwork -or scalework or whatever. Today I jump up 2.5 pounds. Doesn't make a lot of sense yesterday I ate about 1000 calories less than I burned. Could be some strange blip- or maybe my body is going into starvation mode or something? We'll see what the scale says tommorrow. I could be fudging on the calorie count a bit-I think I have been pretty accurate-and given what the scale said yesterday-I was right on track. I'll stay with the course for a while-overall the numbers have been moving in the right direction.

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