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Sunday, February 17, 2008

34 inches

feb14-160,feb16-1000, total 72,115
weight 203 bf 22%
calories left to burn 46526

I have been doing the 35 days to 1000 push ups workout, and yesterday I thought I would just go for it-see if I could do 1000 in a day. I did a little over 200 first thing in the morning and then periodically through out the day I would do a set or two of 25's. I was able to do 1000 by the end of the day. Shoulders are a little sore today -but not that bad.

Cathy got me a gift bag full of stuff for valentines. When I opened it she pushed a pair of jeans into my hands and told me to go try them on right away. My first thought was these are some girly jeans that I won't want to wear or anything. When I tried them on they seemed pretty normal. I didn't get it until I went back out to show Cathy the jeans. She asked me if I had noticed that they were a 34 waist. I hadn't -for a lot of people a 34 waist would not be all that exciting-however for most of my adult life I have worn a 38-or 40 waist. The last year I have worn a 36 waist. Melissa my daughter says the old jeans could fit two asses so I suppose it is time for the 34's-well hello 34.

Had pizza with the kids on Friday and the weight seems to have popped up as a result. Overall the progress seems to be good.


Jack Bravo said...

Awesome! I've been trying to do that the whole time! :) Congrats!

Hey guess what, I sold my site, so I'm no longer the owner of

LarryMat said...

Jack-thanks for the compliment.-you sold your site? How? to who?

Jack Bravo said...

to some guy from texas, i found him at

anyway, i don't know what he did, but he got the ( sad) site to rank even higher on google for "push ups".

so anyway, where d'you find that article?

LarryMat said...

The article/press release about "death taxes and push ups" ? I have a google alert set up for "push ups" and the press release came through the other day

Jack Bravo said...

sweet. thanks.