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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Childhood dreams

Feb 9-270, Feb 10-400, feb 11-450, feb12-290 feb13-426, total 70,955
weight 201 ,bf %22
calories left to burn 47939

Since Vegas/Christmas I have burned enough calories to have lost a little over 9 pounds. I am not down under 200 yet so I must be fudging the fitday numbers a bit..Nonetheless I look a little leaner. The way the numbers bounce up and down on the tanita scale I could be plus or minus a few pounds or a few percent of bodyfat. The mirror seems to think I am getting thinner. A couple of years back I lost a more than 50 pounds in a year by tracking the calories and doing lots of chin ups and push ups. The bodyweight fluctuated up and down then as well- so no need to panic I suppose.

My daughter,Steph, sent me the link below:

It is a video segment by Professor Randy Pausch. It is quite inspirational. It was a segment on facing death. Professor Pausch is faving terminal cancer and his philosophy of facing death is really a philosophy to live by. Made me want to run home and hug my wife and kids. Kind of puts all your little problems in prospective.

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