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Sunday, February 24, 2008

calories adjusted

Feb23-190 total push ups and chins 73,219
weight 202.5 %bf 20
calories left to burn 61250

If you notice above the calories left to burn jumped way back up. I didn't eat 20,000 or so calories in the last couple of days. I have just re calibrated the calories left to burn. When I started counting calories I was trying to get down to 185 lbs. I had figured out how many extra calories I would need to burn to get there. I must be systematically underestimating how much I eat as I enter it into fitday( or how much I am burning) as the amount left to burn would have suggested I should have lost more weight. I have recalulated the number left to burn from where I am at now (202.5) pounds. Elbows seem to have recovered from my 1000 push ups day so I should be able to start posting some bigger daily numbers again.

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