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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Closing in on 70k

Jan5-348,jan6-423,jan7-286 total 69,119
weight 201 bf % 22
calories left 52332

Closing in one the 70k push ups/chin ups mark. Still doing the 1000 push ups in 35 days program and he armstrong chin ups program. Weights has become a bit of a family routine.Cathy and I do some weights 5 days a week. Usually our youngest Joey will join us most days. Emma will perodically join us and Steph or Mel will do a workout if they are in town (usually once or twice a week). Chin ups and push ups are on top of that-trying to burn as many calories as I can. I havent lost a lot of weight as far as the scales are concerned but more people are starting to ask if I have lost weight-so I guess the progress is starting to become visable. I am really determined to complete the 1000 push ups routine. Kind of a mental barrier kind of thing. Anyway the pounds are coming down and the percentage of bodyfat keeps fluctuating up and down, but in the long run I am sure it will stagger up and down but ultiimately decline with the overall weight.

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