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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

poor man's creatine

Mar25-400, total 82,421
weight 200, bf23%
calories left to burn 46928

Success is a personal standard - reaching for the highest that is in us - becoming all that we can be."Zig Ziglar

As you may have noticed above the weight and bodyfat percentage jumped back up. This is of course because I jinxed myself by blogging about being below two hundred again. Of course I don't really believe this is true-I just need to trust the calorie count a little more-I know if I keep driving the numbers down I will pop up and down -but overall will go down.
I have been watching my grams of protein intake on fitday and I seem to be consistantly lower than the recommended amount for athletes. Not that I am much of an athlete-but I figure with all the push ups-my body probably needs as much as an athlete in training. I am thinking this might be why the bf percentage doesn't want to fluctutate that much. I am going to try to up the protein intake a bit. In keeping with my keep it simple strategy I am going to try to eat more protien rich foods-but suppliment with peanut butter. Yep you read it right -peanut butter. From timie to time I have read in Men's HEalth that a tablespoon of pb will stave off hunger and the desire to eat something more calorie ladden ( not that pb is that low in calories). I have also read on the internet that pb is the poor mans creatine. If you don't know what creatine is do an internet search-there are a lot of articles on creatine. Anyway I think a tablespoon here and there will up my protein a little and maybe keep me from eating something else that I might regret.

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david said...

You should use natural proteins like chicken breasts, tuna, turkey meat etc to get lean. Protein shakes are going to make you bulky, even ones that have 4g of carbs and less.