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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

push ups test

MAR23-510,MAR24-170, TOTAL 82,021
Weight 199,bf 21%
calories left to burn 47,850

Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.Brian Tracy

Had three good days of push up numbers/chins. Last night thought I would take it a little easier. Still a little muscle soreness from the weekend. I am back below 200 again. Almost afraid to post the number because it always seems to jinx me. Really I have only lost about 9-10 pounds since New Years, however the last two or three pounds I have lost over and over again. Anyway works out to about 4-5 pounds a month lost, so I am not losing weight at light speed with my calorie counting/push ups regime. Nonetheless I am still eating all the junk I used to eat-just less of it on some days. It seems like on the days that I do big push ups/chin ups number-a couple of big number days in a row and my weight drops down. Okay this is probably not rocket science as coincidently on those days I usually work out longer and thus burn more calories.

Found an on-line Push up test. You plug in your sex,age and total push ups you can do and it gives you a score rating and the population average for your age. Here is the link:
For the record my total is a little higher than the population average-but regardless the test scores me as average.

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