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Sunday, July 6, 2008

62 minutes a day

July1-140,july2-340,july4-103,july5-165, total push ups/chins 109,888
weight 203 bf%22
calories left to burn 49723

Margaret Chase Smith:
When people keep telling you that you can't do a thing, you kind of like to try it.

In my last post I mentioned that I was going to try to do 2 hours of working out a day. I managed to average 62 minutes of working out a day -plus on one day did 144 minutes of hiking. On the weekend it was pretty easy to get the working out done. However weekdays were a little more of a challenge. Averaging a little over a hour a day is pretty good-so I will keep working on the 2 hour a day target and see where it gets me. Going hiking with the family today so the two hour target shouldn't be a bigh problem today

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