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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

back from holidays

Aug15-25,-3780, total push ups/chins 121,241
weight 201.5 bf%20

Was off on holidays with the family for a little over a week. Off to Ironman Canada -no I wasn't a participant,my daughter and son in law did the race. We went out to cheer them on and spend a week at the cabin on the lake. I just kept a running total of my push ups. I was hitting some pretty decent daily numbers in spite of being on holidays. The photo above is Cathy doing dips on the deck. We didn't have any workout stuff around so mostly we just did as many push ups dips and free hand squats as we could do in a day. Ate pretty much what I felt like a did a few too many wine tours-the weight popped up a bit but not as bad as usual on a vacation. Back to a regular diet today-sort of I am still off this week-so I may have the odd indulgence.

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