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Friday, August 29, 2008

simple theory

aug27-300,aug 28-165, total push ups and chins 121,706
weight 202, bf%22

Well my theory is that weight loss is simple -calories in versus calories out. My own little experiment doesn't seem to prove that it is that easy. I am going to try to update the graph over on the right with my weight according to fitday. As you will notice the trend line isn't always moving in the downward direction. I am still on holidays for a few more days, however dispite the inconsistent eating and exercising I am determined to drive the numbers downward on this graph. As a sidenote has made some upgrades to their site/software. There are some cool new features worth checking out. One of the new features allows you to take body measurements and track them over time. The site is a little quicker and easier to use than the previous version. It is definately worth checking out.

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