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Sunday, August 31, 2008

122 k

Aug29-300, Aug30-215,
total push ups and chins 122,221
weight 200.5 bf%22
I am getting close to pre-holiday weight. According to my calculations on fitday -I only seem to be burning a few hundred more calories than I am taking in but the pounds are dropping off. The kettlebells must have a higher calorie burn than I have been assuming.Fitday doesn't have a category for kettlebells-so I have been using "weightlifting" in the activity section (about 7 calories per minute). Nice surprise anyway to be dropping weight faster than expected. The bodyfat percentage doesn't seem to want to move downward. I was reading that Micheal Phelps eats something like 12,000 calories a day-if I had time to work out 5 hours I day-I could eat that much as well-wouldn't that be great.

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